We also develop and prepare strategic reports on a monthly or a quarterly basis for decision



High management and executive coaching – we assist all the high management and executive

level of your business on the strategic project and support with efficient organizational tools to help them take the best approach on their management meeting, kick off and business presentation. We assist the board of directors on the structure of their meeting, committees and help them implement the best practices to help them get with strong strategic planning and audit policies and procedures.


Team’s performance management – we assist you on improving your team’s performance with your business processes optimization and interactive session to understand the culture and keys success factors of your industry, we develop tools that are the most efficient tools to increase the productivity and alignment the teams in the critical department as the operation, sales, marketing, finance and all other departments in your business.


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Corporate services – corporate strategic planning, performance management, and processes optimization mandate in critical departments to execute and align a 360-degree strategy in operation, sales and finance department.

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We offer exclusive and personalized services in accounting processes development and optimization, bookkeeping and payroll management and remittances. We also provide tax planning; preparation of annual accounts; company secretarial services; DAS payroll returns.

Outsourcing services of your Accounting and Finance department - We offer high standard and quality services specifically adapted to your business need with highly qualified accounting technicians, controller at very interesting and aggressive rates.


We do also offer all the high direction support with the service of an acting CFO who provide all the analysis, reporting and strategic alignment for business in need of very qualified and experimented in supporting all the finance and management of your accounting team.

We take in charge all the tax filling and take the lead as a tax agent, undertaking the activities as a “Chartered Certified Accountant”. We take care of all necessary communications with the Tax Authorities on behalf of the client, including submission of various Tax Returns, such as Corporate Tax, Self-Assessment Tax and Returns.

Also at the request of auditors, bankers, Tax Department and other third parties we will provide all financial information to comply with any request you may have.

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  • Outsourcing services of your Administration department – we offer high standard and quality services specifically adapted to your business need with highly qualified administrative assistant at very interesting and aggressive rates.

  • Outsourcing services of your Human Resources department – in order to execute transition or growth strategy, we offer permanent or punctual services in human resources specifically in the performance management of your team.


Information Technology strategic management

Consulting Services in Information Technology – we assist you on the development of strategic orientation of your business in the Information technology need.


We are providing information technology project manager on specific project in the implementation or enhancement in existing or new ERP system or specialized system for the accounting, customer relation management system (CRM).


We use the best practices and measurable organizational value method of implementation by development of specific dashboard adapted to your information technology strategic vision.

Corporate Coaching services

Services de gestion administrative – nous offrons des services de ressources hautement qualifiées à des taux hautement compétitifs. Nos ressources sont formées pour exécuter les processus administratifs établis selon vos besoins, en respectant nos hauts standards de qualité. Les services administratifs incluent la gestion de la facturation de vos clients, la gestion de vos comptes à recevoir, gestion d l’archivage de vos dossiers.


Support à la haute direction dans le cadre de mandats afin de vous conseiller sur des dossiers stratégiques. Nos experts sont spécialisés en planification stratégique, en gestion de la performance organisationnelle. Nous produirons toutes les analyses, les rapports requis et mettrons en place les outils financiers pour supporter votre entreprise à performer dans son secteur et et sur la performance de votre entreprise.  

Services de gestion de la performance – nous vous offrons des services conseils permanents ou ponctuels pour vous aider exécuter un plan de transition ou une stratégie de croissance, spécialement lorsqu’il s’agit d’évaluer vos forces et faiblesses dans les systèmes d’évaluation des performances de vos équipes afin de vous assurer d’optimiser vos stratégies de bonus et d’incitatif à la performance par département.

Services d’optimisation organisationnelle – Nous vous conseillerons afin de revoir la structure organisationnelle de votre entreprise.